Give Webnovel a Hard Pass

Should I be flattered? I think not.

Like many writers, I got the email:

My name is May. I’m an Author Liaison representative, representing Webnovel.

I found your work Waterspell Book 1: The Warlock, which comes highly recommended … I am very interested in a business collaboration with you, and would like to offer you a Non-Exclusive Contract that will not affect your novel distribution and earnings [through other distributors]. We think that the theme and genre of your novel would be a great fit for our readers here on

The message instantly triggered my scam radar, and a quick online search confirmed my suspicions. Says Terrance Phillipe aka Whatsawhizzer:

“Qidian [Webnovel] doesn’t give a shit about things like copyright or human decency.”

If you get a solicitation email from Webnovel, please don’t respond before you read the blog post “Why Do People Hate Qidian Webnovel?” Indeed, I’d recommend that you not respond at all. Webnovel is just another way to cheat a writer.


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