WATERSPELL: The Complete Series (Books 1-4) by Deborah J. Lightfoot; audiobook narrated by Simon de Deney

WATERSPELL: The Complete Series is available as an unabridged, four-volume audiobook narrated by the English film, radio, and television actor Simon de Deney.

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The complete audiobook is brilliantly narrated by Simon de Deney. Samples of Simon’s wonderful narration may be heard in these excerpts on YouTube:

Book 1: The Warlock
Book 2: The Wysard

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• “A riveting series. Well written, excellent world-building with an engaging plot in each book and well-developed characters. I was gripped right from the start with twists I didn’t see and unpredictability.” —Aria, NetGalley

• “Complicated characters, plot twists, romance, adventure, and magic — all written in a voice that immerses you in a fantasy world both foreign and familiar. Get the box set because you won’t want to leave this world.” —Beck Digs It, Amazon

• “Listening to this book has been great. The story has twists and turns, it flows well and is neither too fast or too slow. The narrator is very real conveying anger as well as softness and intrigue. This is the type of audiobook you can listen to for hours and not get tired of.” —Sue, Audible

• “This story has such wonderful character, scene, and story development. I loved going along for the journey with the characters. I’ve read the books and am thoroughly enjoying the audiobook. The magical voice of the narrator makes the already great story even better, a whole new experience! Great read, highly recommend!” —Amanda, Audible

Narrator Bio

Simon de Deney OneVoice Awards Nominee 2022Simon de Deney is a professional actor, playwright, director, and audiobook narrator with more than 25 years of broadcast experience and a wide range of acting credits, from feature films to shows in London’s West End. His audiobook work includes Flames Over Frosthelm (Dave Dobson), The Painter’s Apprentice (Alexander Small), It Calls from the Forest (multiple authors), and The Story of Wine (Hugh Johnson), for which de Deney was nominated for Best Performance (Factual Audiobook) in the 2022 One Voice Awards (UK). As a writer, de Deney has had several BBC Radio commissions, including “The Way It Is” and “Future Perfect.” He has developed and directed new plays including “Broken Voices,” “Scotch and Water,” and “Late Fragment.” His acting credits include (theatre) “The Madness of George Dubya,” “The Prisoner of Windsor,” “Beneath The Waves,” and “Felix,” as well as television roles in “House of Elliot,” “The Upper Hand,” and “Rose Cottage.” His film credits include Damage, Shining Through, Another Country, and The Selfish Act of Community. Simon de Deney has a Master of Arts degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University. He lives in London.

I can hardly wait for the world to hear what Simon has done with my characters and their story. It’s amazing work. I’m thrilled with the way he has connected with Waterspell and interpreted the story for a wide audiobook audience. —Deborah J. Lightfoot

Waterspell Complete Series Audiobook Chapter Titles

(Audible numbering in parentheses)

( 1) BOOK 1: THE WARLOCK Prologue
( 2) Chapter 1: The Swordsman
( 3) Chapter 2: The Puzzle-Book
( 4) Chapter 3: Secrets
( 5) Chapter 4: Questions
( 6) Chapter 5: The Riddle
( 7) Chapter 6: The Mistake
( 8) Chapter 7: Darkness
( 9) Chapter 8: Two Horrors
(10) Chapter 9: The Note
(11) Chapter 10: The Mirror Pool
(12) Chapter 11: Oblivion
(13) Chapter 12: Suspicions
(14) Chapter 13: A Susceptibility
(15) Chapter 14: A Dragon
(16) Chapter 15: A Test
(17) Chapter 16: Promises
(18) Chapter 17: The Magic of Life
(19) Chapter 18: Visions
(20) Chapter 19: The Book of Archamon
(21) Chapter 20: The Truth
(22) Chapter 21: The Trap
(23) Chapter 22: One Dolphin

(24) BOOK 2: THE WYSARD Prologue
(25) Chapter 1: Ghostly Reflections
(26) Chapter 2: A Droll-Teller’s Tale
(27) Chapter 3: Possibilities
(28) Chapter 4: The Fiends of Night
(29) Chapter 5: A Worthy Heir
(30) Chapter 6: An Unpardonable Offense
(31) Chapter 7: Vermin in the Vortex
(32) Chapter 8: A Water-Sylph
(33) Chapter 9: A Talisman
(34) Chapter 10: Mysteries
(35) Chapter 11: Desires
(36) Chapter 12: White Death
(37) Chapter 13: A Watcher
(38) Chapter 14: Unnatural Things
(39) Chapter 15: The Wysard’s Art
(40) Chapter 16: Choices
(41) Chapter 17: A Realm Beyond
(42) Chapter 18: The Master Magician
(43) Chapter 19: Ruptures in the Void
(44) Chapter 20: A Quickening of Magic
(45) Chapter 21: Broken Bridges
(46) Chapter 22: Through Eternity

(47) BOOK 3: THE WISEWOMAN Prologue
(48) Chapter 1: Strange Magic
(49) Chapter 2: The Wrong Place
(50) Chapter 3: Settled Accounts
(51) Chapter 4: Distant Suns
(52) Chapter 5: Dark Recollections
(53) Chapter 6: Earth’s Blood
(54) Chapter 7: An Opened Gate
(55) Chapter 8: The Ashen Curse
(56) Chapter 9: A Breath of Contagion
(57) Chapter 10: Carin’s Confession
(58) Chapter 11: The Second Scourge
(59) Chapter 12: A Concentration of the Mind
(60) Chapter 13: Liquid Fire
(61) Chapter 14: “Drown Me!”
(62) Chapter 15: Strong Magic
(63) Chapter 16: Amangêda
(64) Chapter 17: The Last Wysards’ Stronghold
(65) Chapter 18: Unification
(66) Chapter 19: Revelation
(67) Chapter 20: Restoration

(68) BOOK 4: THE WITCH Prologue
(69) Chapter 1: Remembrance
(70) Chapter 2: Restoration
(71) Chapter 3: Message In a Bottle
(72) Chapter 4: Blood Ties
(73) Chapter 5: Forbidden Sorcery
(74) Chapter 6: The Arts of Death
(75) Chapter 7: Dead Things
(76) Chapter 8: Spellwork
(77) Chapter 9: Patterns
(78) Chapter 10: Master Magicians
(79) Chapter 11: Plans
(80) Chapter 12: Fire and Water
(81) Chapter 13: Wellsprings
(82) Chapter 14: The Beach
(83) Chapter 15: Fragments
(84) Chapter 16: The Restless Sea
(85) Chapter 17: The Fate of Wysards
(86) Chapter 18: Future’s Hope
(87) Chapter 19: A World Apart
(88) Chapter 20: The Book of the Two Kareninas
(89) Chapter 21: Old Griefs
(90) Chapter 22: In the Fullness of Time
(91) Epilogue
(92) Closing Credits

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