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The next book in the Waterspell series is The Karenina Chronicles. Paperback available November 17, 2023. Ebook releases December 1.


In the grip of a grief-fueled wanderlust after the death of her Earthly husband, Lady Karenina of Ruain—Nina to family and friends—escapes into unfamiliar lands, a harsh and distant country peopled with enigmatic characters: the Leviathan, the Nomad, the Outcast, and the Wolf. In their company she finds adventure, danger, champions, and rogues—some of the latter worth killing, but at least one worth loving.

Continue the family saga that began in the WATERSPELL fantasy quartet (Warlock, Wysard, Wisewoman, Witch). Follow the further adventures of eldest daughter Nina in The Karenina Chronicles.

“A marvelously complex and captivating fantasy series.”—The Published Page

ISBN 9781737717348 (ebook)
ISBN 9781737717331 (paperback)

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