Boxed Sets

WATERSPELL: The Complete Series is available as an ebook bundle and a four-volume audiobook. These boxed sets are the easiest, most convenient, most economical and logical way to enjoy the series as I always meant for it to be read (or heard): as one continuous story. Find the boxed sets at for any ebook reader, app, or audiobook platform that you prefer.

“A riveting series. Well written, excellent world-building with an engaging plot in each book and well-developed characters. I was gripped right from the start with twists I didn’t see and unpredictability.” —Aria, NetGalley

“Captivating. I loved this series from beginning to end. Complex characters who mature through the series and unexpected plot twists kept me reading far too late into the night.” —Amy, Amazon

“An extraordinary book, four in fact! I read these over a five-day period and found the storytelling fantastic. See for yourself!” —Michelle, NetGalley

“I was hooked instantly. I willingly gave up sleep and could not wait to get up to read more. I’m reading the whole series, and absolutely loving it.” —Sarah, Amazon

“An entertaining, fast paced, and well plotted fantasy series. The world building is fascinating, and the characters fleshed out. Highly recommended.” —Anna Maria, NetGalley

“Complicated characters, plot twists, romance, adventure, and magic — all written in a voice that immerses you in a fantasy world both foreign and familiar. Get the box set because you won’t want to leave this world.” —Beck Digs It, Amazon

“Addictive epic fantasy, with drama and adventure. I binged through the books, eager to see how the story unfolds. Great book. 5 stars.” —Di, NetGalley

The Audiobook

WATERSPELL: The Complete Series (Books 1-4) by Deborah J. Lightfoot; audiobook narrated by Simon de Deney

The complete-series audiobook is brilliantly narrated by the English actor Simon de Deney. Samples of Simon’s wonderful narration may be heard in these excerpts on YouTube:

Book 1: The Warlock

Book 2: The Wysard

I can hardly wait for the world to hear what Simon has done with my characters and their story. It’s amazing work. I’m thrilled with the way he has connected with Waterspell and interpreted the story for a wide audiobook audience.

Where to Buy: Ebook Bundle

Barnes & Noble
Google Books
Palace Marketplace

Where to Buy: Audiobook

See an ever-expanding list of retailers under the Audio tab. With this boxed set, we’re going wide, far beyond Audible. The audio edition will ultimately be available at:

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