“The entire Waterspell trilogy blew my expectations out of the ballpark. What a brilliant and unforgettable story! I devoured this book … literally consumed by the originality and depth Deborah brings to her characters. She provides a strong balance between action, adventure, fantasy, and romance and Carin’s combination of pride and vulnerability make her a fabulous character! Quite frankly, I am just astounded by the emotions this book stirred in me. It is simply extraordinary.”
Feifei Le

“First off there’s the writing itself, the quality of the prose, the effortless way that Deborah Lightfoot sets the stage and calls the shots, with none of the ponderous, overblown verbiage that weighs down so much high fantasy. Then there are the characters, each determined to leap off the page, whether it’s our plucky heroine Carin, out to uncover her past, or the mysterious, mercurial Warlock himself, one minute a friend, the next one a fiend, but never less than intriguing. But what most sets this book apart is its wild premise, an inspired bit of imagination I won’t dare reveal here. … If you’re seeking a novel novel, one that challenges and comforts both, I can’t think of a better journey to take than within The Warlock’s pages.”
Nancy H.

“Once I started I only stopped to eat, sleep, and do those tasks that I could not put aside. It was imaginative, entertaining, and much more than just a delightful read. The main characters came alive on the pages and the book kept me guessing about what would happen next. Waterspell is a trilogy that I will highly recommend.”
Patrick M.

“I was totally roped in with book 1, and book 2 did not disappoint. Excitement and adventure abound while you watch the growth of the main characters and their complicated attachment to each other. The writing for the Waterspell series is flawless, it’s so well done, you find yourself plopped right in the middle of this fantasy world. I can’t wait for book 3!”
Amanda M.

“This was an extremely well written fantasy story … [it] flows well with a very readable style that holds your interest throughout. The world building is solid and intriguing, the magical aspects well drawn and versatile and characterisation is energetic so that you are immediately invested in their future. The ending with its wonderful cliffhanger will ensure that you read on … All in all a marvellous addition to the fantasy genre and I would recommend it for lovers of magical mystical tales.”
Liz Wilkins

“This book made me FEEL – and strongly! I also loved that this story was so completely unpredictable. It’s one that I’d find hard to forget … it is one of those rare stories that will stick with me.”
Ali’s Books

“If you like epic fantasy that sweeps you to amazing, immersive worlds and while following intriguing characters, be sure to add this series to your to-read list.”
Once Upon a YA Book

“Keeps you enthralled until the final sentence. Carin and Verek are such rounded and full characters.”
Amazon Verified Review

“I really loved the main characters, particularly because they are complicated—not cookie-cutter at all. I also enjoyed the writing. It is stylized perfectly to the story, so you feel you are in the Waterspell world. I definitely recommend these books!”
Beck Digs It

“I was hooked instantly when I started reading [Waterspell Book 1] The Warlock. I willingly gave up sleep and honestly could not wait to get up to read more of this book. I’m reading the whole series, and I absolutely am loving it.”
Sarah @ Amazon

“Grabbed my attention and kept it. It’s a truly unique book. This is a series not to miss.”
Tahlia Newland

“… a fabulous trilogy that should be read by every fantasy reader who would like something a little different. The author cleverly creates tension without resorting to the battles, complex political intrigue and predictable structure favoured by many in the traditional fantasy genre. I give it 5 stars without hesitation.”
Tahlia Newland

“The writing is absolutely fantastic with so much detail and description. The imagery was so vivid that I felt like I could see this mystical world forming around me.”
—Laura Hartley, “What’s Hot?”

“It’s a great medieval tale, and would be equally as interesting for men as women. (It’s no wispy piece of fluff fiction!) … plenty of mystery and twists and turns.”
Beth Hobson

“I adore the world building of the novel. It just felt like a thin mist crawling in … rearranging the landscape. Everything was so detailed and full of imagery.”
Fire Star Books

“Waterspell is a really good book. It flows so smoothly that once I started reading, I didn’t want to stop. … Carin is never portrayed as a victim even when she is bruised, poisoned, punched, imprisoned and terrified. Instead she is a resilient survivor throughout the entire book.”
Goodreads Review

“Great characters.” Lord Verek is “mesmerizing! I mean dark, dangerous, slightly rude, yet still somehow gentle and tortured by his tragic past. What’s there not to love?”
Hazel the Witch

“Wonderfully written. I was hooked right away and loved that I couldn’t predict what was to come next. 5 out of 5 stars! Highly recommend to young adults and older.”
Memories Overtaking Me

“I couldn’t go to sleep until I finished it. The characters and setting came alive, and I found myself pulled into the story like Carin was pulled to the enchanted pool.”
Amazon Review

“[Waterspell Book 2] The Wysard is an interesting, unique adventure with faint tones of romance but strong in narrative. The spoken language has its own cadence to it, strong and rich but still easy to get lost in and enjoy … I found the ending was fabulous in every way.”
Beth Hobson

“As soon as I started to read it, I was hooked. Five stars!”
The Book Lover’s Report

“A new mystical world … the characters and setting most definitely will leave you wanting more.”
Let’s Get Booked!

“This is Young Adult in age, but Epic in Fantasy … Imaginative, exciting, plenty of action, and an ending that will leave you satisfied.”
A Life Through Books

“I don’t see how this could avoid being a hit—I couldn’t put it down. Good, complex story; well crafted, well written.”
S. Caldwell

“This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Everything about it is gorgeous. Every word is a work of art!”
Amazon Review

“This series is so vivid in my mind thanks to wonderful descriptions and attention to detail.”
Texas Book Nook

“A good mix of magic, mystery and a bit of romance.”
Becky’s Barmy Book Blog

“A fascinating, complex world and interesting characters.”
Zili in the Sky

“A delightful read … tight writing, fast-moving narrative and intriguing characters.”
Goodreads Review

“Deborah J. Lightfoot just really has this way of bringing the reader into her world.”
My Reading Addiction

“This author has woven such a spell as Verek can with his magic. I can’t seem to get enough of this series.”
Once Upon a Book

“Lightfoot does a wonderful job at creating a story. She has created an environment that is easy to understand yet complex enough to keep the reader thinking through her story. Her writing style is engaging and she has great pacing.”
Bookworm Lisa

“The story just keeps getting bigger and bigger.”
Book Briefs

More From the Critics

“Intriguing premise and original characters … Carin and Verek’s well-crafted relationship balances in a tense power struggle … Fine fantasy.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“Not a word wasted or out of place. Strong, compelling, intriguing, taut.”
—SouthWest Writers, Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel

“I was struck by the high quality of the writing and the imaginative details that pulled me into Carin’s adventure, from her ability to pass through magical boundaries to her ability to read the mysterious book. I also appreciated Carin’s wonderful courage!”
—A New York Editor Who Almost Got It

“Deborah Lightfoot has taken sword and sorcery books to a new level! Besides creating an engrossing fantasy world with a connection to Alice, and ‘Through the Looking-Glass’, Lightfoot has peppered her story with intelligent dialog and description. I can’t wait to read the final two books of the trilogy.”
—David R. Davis