It’s “Read an Ebook Week”!

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From March 2 through March 8, readers can stock up on critically acclaimed ebooks during “Read an Ebook Week.”

All the ebook formats of my award-winning Waterspell trilogy are on sale. The Kindle editions are going for just 99 cents at Amazon. Because Books 1, 2, and 3 are the beginning, middle, and end of a continuous story, you’ll want to begin at the beginning with Book 1: The Warlock. Then there’s  Book 2: The Wysard. The trilogy concludes with Book 3: The Wisewoman.

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For Nook (.epub) books, head over to Smashwords. There, Book 1: The Warlock is on sale for 99 cents. And to get Books 2 and 3 for 50% off, you can use this code at checkout: REW50. The direct links are Book 2: The Wysard and Book 3: The Wisewoman.

Happy reading! THANK YOU for reading!


“What a brilliant and unforgettable story! I devoured this book … literally consumed by the originality and depth Deborah brings to her characters. She provides a strong balance between action, adventure, fantasy, and romance and Carin’s combination of pride and vulnerability make her a fabulous character! Quite frankly, I am just astounded by the emotions this book stirred in me. It is simply extraordinary.”
Feifei Le

“This was an extremely well written fantasy story … [it] flows well with a very readable style that holds your interest throughout. The world building is solid and intriguing, the magical aspects well drawn and versatile and characterisation is energetic so that you are immediately invested in their future. The ending with its wonderful cliffhanger will ensure that you read on … All in all a marvellous addition to the fantasy genre and I would recommend it for lovers of magical mystical tales.”
Liz Wilkins

“This book made me FEEL – and strongly! I also loved that this story was so completely unpredictable. It’s one that I’d find hard to forget … it is one of those rare stories that will stick with me.”
Ali’s Books

“If you like epic fantasy that sweeps you to amazing, immersive worlds and while following intriguing characters, be sure to add this series to your to-read list.”
Once Upon a YA Book

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