Awesome Indies Magical Mystery Tour: Special Book Offers and Prizes!


During the Awesome Indies Magical Mystery Tour, September 27-30, you’ll have chances to pick up special offers at the blogs participating in the tour and win an awesome prize. At each blog you’ll find one scene in a mystery story, and one playing card. You’ll need to take the full tour to read the whole story and find out which card is missing from the suite. After taking the tour, return to the beginning and use the name of the missing card (e.g., Jack, King, Ace, or seventh) to enter the drawing for an Amazon gift card. (First prize is a $25 card, second prize is $15, and third prize is a $10 card.) 

The drawing ends at midnight PDT on September 30, giving you 4 days to take the tour. All you have to do is follow the links from blog to blog, read the story, note the playing card — and while you’re there, pick up the host’s special offer.

Every purchase gives you another entry into the Giveaway.

When you’ve finished, ask yourself which card is missing from the suite? The answer is the key to enter the drawing.

To get started, read on.


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