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Looking for book bargains? I’ve got three great deals for you.

Free Waterspell Audiobook

WATERSPELL: The Complete Series (Books 1-4) by Deborah J. Lightfoot; audiobook narrated by Simon de Deney

To get the new Waterspell audiobook for free (list price $24.95), simply drop me a note in the Comment form below. I’ll send you a Giveaway Code to use at Spotify.

Where to Post an Audiobook Review

Authors give books away to encourage reviews! We need reviews like fish need water. If you enjoy your free copy of the Waterspell audiobook, please post a review. 💙 I’ll be eternally grateful.

The following retailers will allow you to leave a review without having bought the audiobook there: Apple, Google, Amazon (but not Audible), Kobo, Scribd (with free trial) and Downpour, in addition to standard review sites like Goodreads.

50% Discount at Google Books

Waterspell: The Complete Series by Deborah J. LightfootIf you prefer ebooks instead of audiobooks, this is the deal for you:

Redeem this code to get Waterspell: The Complete Series (ebook bundle) at Google Books for half price ($4.48, 50% off the list price of $8.95). You’ll get four full-length fantasy novels (Warlock, Wysard, Wisewoman, and Witch) for about a dollar a book. What a bargain!

“An extraordinary book, four in fact! I read these over a five-day period and found the storytelling fantastic. See for yourself!” —Michelle, NetGalley

Free Paperback Review Copies

If it’s print books you’re wanting, I have a few (very few) review copies on hand of Waterspell Books 1 and 2: The Warlock and The Wysard. Send me your mailing address (U.S. only). Act quickly if you’d like me to autograph and mail them to you.

4 Responses to Giveaways & Bargains

  1. Steve Martinson

    Hi! If you have any copies left, I would love to read
    the first two print books of this series. It sounds fascinating! I will definitely leave reviews for them. I read on my computer, but I much more enjoy reading a physical book. And the covers look awesome! Thank you!
    Steve Martinson

    • Hi, Steve! Many thanks for your interest in my Waterspell books. Got your address — I’ll be glad to sign and mail the first two books to you. They’ll go out in Monday’s mail. I’m glad you like the covers. The designer, Vila Design, did a really nice job with those. I hope you enjoy the Waterspell story. Of course I’ll be very grateful for your reviews. Thanks again for your interest and support. Deborah

  2. Please send me the Audiobook! I will review after listening to it.
    Thank you,

    • Hello, Frank! Many thanks for your interest in my Waterspell fantasy series. I just emailed you the audiobook giveaway code, with a link for redeeming it. Please let me know if you have any trouble redeeming the code. Let me know, also, if you don’t get my email (sent from Some email filters will send messages straight to Spam if they contain any links. I’ll also be snail-mailing you the paperback review copies that you requested. I’ll very much appreciate getting a review (or three) from you in exchange for the books. Writers need reviews like fish need water! I hope you enjoy the Waterspell story. Thanks again for your interest and support.

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