The Fight Against Book Piracy

Authors and publishers have filed suit against book piracy entity Kiss Library,  obtaining a restraining order that requires domain registrars to disable the domains controlled by Kiss Library. Kiss is “a pirate online bookstore based in Ukraine that illegally sells pirated ebooks at discounted prices to unsuspecting U.S. readers. The defendants dress their websites up to make them look like sophisticated, legitimate sites, intentionally deceiving consumers who are unaware that authors, publishers, and legitimate booksellers are being denied their legal share of the sales price,” reports the Authors Guild.

“This filing joins together bestselling and emerging authors with industry leaders in a united fight against piracy,” said Mary Rasenberger, executive director of the Authors Guild. “Every purchase from an illegal piracy site represents a theft of earned income from the author and publisher, causing massive losses to the industry that, over time, will diminish the industry’s ability to publish a wide diversity of voices. This outright theft must stop.”

For more, see “AG Members Join Amazon Publishing and PRH in Suit Against Kiss Library” at News & Events, the Authors Guild.


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